1. Any recommendation for wallets? I've been considering a Comme des Garcons wallet for a while, but it's a bit pricey at $200. Should I spend the money?

    I’ve always been a huge fan of CdG, and I also champion that every man should have a beautiful, slim wallet.  After all, no one should ever want to look like Mr. Costanza, right?

    If you’re going CdG, why not the SA 1000?  Tres Bien Shop is offering it for a cool $74 with free international shipping.  #walkwithme.

    1. chiefdalliance said: A.P.C isn’t a wallet, isn’t as played (as u put it) and isn’t as good. get the classic CDG. it’ll last 10 years at least. $20 a year minimum. steal.
    2. culturevate said: this joint [ uscheckout.apc.fr/brows… ]from A.P.C. is sleek, $75 & no as played as a Comme wallet.
    3. notentirelyunliketea said: You got a filing cabinet under half of your ass. This…is an organizer, a secretary, and a friend.
    4. darnyill said: walkwithme, ahah
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