1. Lol, I don't get your menswear guy's take on winter wear. Especially when the question involves a person wanting to stay warm/dry. First off if you need full length lined Sorel Pac's to stay dry in the city your doing something very wrong. As for a coat in -30 for under 150 bucks? Go buy a Carhartt. I'll guarantee you will be happier looking like a redneck, but being warm. Instead of a peacoat that looks great, but they really are not designed for extreme weather.

    I have about 20 messages in my inbox, and I usually answer them chronologically.  However, seeing that it took a lot of courage for you to write such a snide note, I had to bump you up to the top of my list.

    Not once on this Tumblr have I used the words “warm” or “dry” to describe footwear.  Indeed, the only time I’ve ever used such words in my life was to describe your ladyfriend’s nana.  It was like putting a bag of beef jerky in the microwave, all shriveled up and stupid looking.  #FOH.

    But while we are on the topic of keeping your feet warm and dry in a metropolitan area, why don’t you sit down and drink some champagne and let me rap to you: like Lieutenant Dan said, good gear can be the difference between life and death—cushioned sole, keep your feet dry, and when we’re out there humpin’, change your socks whenever we stop.  So when your feet are cold and wet, you’ll be wishing you took heed, right?  As a wise man once said, once something is wet, it’s wet…you can’t overdry.  And this applies just the same to NYC as it does to northern Canada.

    As per a coat under $150 that will keep one warm in negative 30 degrees Fahrenheit, shit, I mean, I did say that thrifting would be homeboy’s best bet.  And Carhartt will probably be on par with Lands’ End, so what’s your beef there?  I’ll concede that a peacoat isn’t the best choice for extreme weather, but on the real, you’re not going to get much for under $150, so who gives a shit what I suggest?  Next time I’ll get on my Chappelle and reply that I don’t fucks with people who spend $150 on a coat in extreme weather because that’s not ballin’.  Does that make you happy?  Now go play somewhere, I’m busy.

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