1. Nice Try, Bro changed my life!!!! Before I was dating 5s and 7s, now I be getting with all the 9s and 10s. Thanks Nice Try, Bro!!!!

    My name is Ray-Bey, and I just want to say that ever since readin’ Nice Try, Bro’s Tumblr, I was able to get my phone bill paid, I got sounds and 13’s put up in my Cavalier and I was able to get a free trip to Cancun.

    And what’s most important is that I ain’t gotta fuck Sheneneh’s
    broke ass no mo’

    1. notesontaste said: The only scale the counts is the 1s and 0s.
    2. jhilla said: And guuurl he got it for $free.99. $free.99?
    3. derobsiemem said: lmao
    4. cbenjamin said: Work ‘em out. Blog ‘em out. Tumblin’ out.
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