1. you ever have dudes hate on your style saying it's too bland? I got these gay dudes at my job telling me I have no style because I'm not wearing drop crotch shit or whatever else is hot on the runways right now. I tell them that shit is unwearable in real life and they should be at my feet begging for fashion advice. whatever. haters gon' hate, slaters gon' slate.

    It’s amazing that it’s 2011 and people still make outrageous generalizations like “gay men dress better than straight dudes.”  Really?  What about my good buddy and his LAZOR goggles?  Or old boy over here?  Shit, I saw some dude at the McQueen exhibit last summer who was almost too gay to function looking all like he just hopped up out a trashcan and shit.  

    Perhaps the greatest sportswriter to ever put words on a page, and the first African American journalist to place pen to pad at Sports Illustrated, Ralph Wiley once wrote an essay titled “On The Natural Superiority of Black Athletes” whereby he debunks outrageous myths (e.g., MYTH: African Americans specifically and black people generally have more developed short-twitch muscles than their racial counterparts, especially Asians; BUST: Michael Chang won 34 career titles in the sport that utilizes short twitch muscles more so than any other, tennis) and argues socioeconomic circumstances and hard work are more determinative factors in an athlete’s success (e.g., how America’s greatest boxers have historically come from poor, unassimilated communities until the ethnic groups comprising such communities begin to experience better fortunes and are eventually surpassed by even poorer, more unassimilated communities of ethnic fighters).  

    Everything Wiley said in that essay is applicable to style.  It’s not like some higher power has predetermined that gay men should have a naturally superior sense of style to straight men because they are naturally inferior at procreating.  I mean, a gangster that bones dudes will still dress like a gangster, right?  See what I’m getting at?  At the end of the day, it is all relative and personal, so tell your coworkers to stop speaking in superlatives and join the 21st century.

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