1. Ok so I was on the internet this one time, and somehow I got linked to this pea coat. I can't find it again, but it was navy blue and had a really bizarre collar. The only way I could describe it would be to say that it was a shawl collar with notches (and maybe even peaks, though that could have just been the way it was folded). I think it was in the 600$-700$ range. Thanks. Also: I <3 u, ntb. nevr 4get.

    Your description is about as vague as asking me if I know that girl in South Beach with the fake tits and bleached hair.  But in any event, you might very well be describing this Monitaly jump off that Context Clothing has stubbornly yet to put on sale.  

    1. golgothic said: That’s it. I fucking love you, NTB.
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