1. It's cold. Long underwear. What do you recommend?

    Dead ass, Under Armour “ColdGear” tights will keep you warmer than any pair long-johns you find out there.  And they are way more comfortable—never mind all that bunching and all those wedgies, your boys need a house!  

    1. livinglifetwatty said: The only thing between him and us is a thin layer of gabardine.
    2. pardonmyreach said: Uniqlo Heattech thermal long johns are quite cozy for $20 each.
    3. novh said: uniqlo heatech leggings
    4. thedannymoon said: Hah, co-sign. We used to wear these for football head-to-toe. Definitely helps during those New England winters
    5. downeastandout said: uniqlo heattech as well
    6. thenorthside said: +1
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