1. David Tyree Apparently Moonlighting As a Strip Club Bouncer

    By a show of hearts, how many of y’all shouted, or at least murmured, “nice try, bro!” when the camera cut to David Tyree for three seconds during the Giants’ game winning drive last night?  I mean, I have no empirical evidence for the above title, but that’s the only conclusion I could come up with having taken one look at that abomination.  

    Sure, I am forever grateful that Tyree pretty much single handedly put an end to the Brady-Belichick Era by making a eunuch of Rodney Harrison on that fateful night, but shit, maybe instead of dumping money into the National Organization for Marriage homeboy should just hire a stylist.  #notsayinjussayin

    Note: Because Tyree has pretty much fallen off the face of the earth, I had to resort to pulling a photo that was taken from someone’s iPhone and posted to Barstool Sports.  

    1. edwinzee said: It’s all about that quadruple windsor.
    2. phmancus said: how did I know you’d see this too…
    3. steelwoolgoldenfleece said: hahaha the knot was bigger than his head for sure.
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