1. Where do you get your alterations done? I've found it is somewhat difficult to find someone in NYC to do some of the more involved tailoring tasks (eg tapering pants) effectively and reasonably

    I refuse to let anyone in this city touch my valuables outside of Jean and Mary over at Sorelle on 36th between 8th and 9th.  They’re the best thing to come out of Turkey since Bald Bull.  On some wizard shit, homegirl took one look at a Piombo blazer and told me that she couldn’t take the sleeves in from the shoulder because it was garment dyed which would result in a white-ish fading at the seams when re-sewed.  I have no idea how she could extrapolate that from taking one look at the blazer, but she did.  And I was impressed.

    1. sashu said: NTB, this is quite possibly the coolest post you’ve ever contributed on behalf of NYC bloggers. I’ve been looking for a good tailor for a while and the mixed reviews on styleforum and yelp didn’t help at all.
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