1. Pitti the Fool Returns and NTB Gets His Swerve On


    It’s that time of year again: Pitti Uomo.  You know, that place where 60 year-old greaseball Italian dudes pose for pictures outside of some old fortress or some shit.

    This will be my second consecutive Pitti, and while I hope to find the time to deliver you the sights and sounds of Peacock Fest 2012 via my Pitti the Fool blog, this time around will be a tad bit different.  I wish I could share more details, but for the sake of not jinxing myself or causing some mysterious jinn to take deep offense at my actions, I’m just going to have to leave it like this: NTB is gettin’ out the game for (what I hope to be) brighter pastures sometime in the very near future.  If you’ve been following my Instagram, know me personally or have kept your ear to the ground, you know what I’m talking about.  And if you don’t fall into one of the three aforementioned categories of human beings, you’ve probably at the very least noticed a precipitous decline in my content production over the last couple of months.  My bad, dog.

    That all being said, I truly hope I have enough time to keep you apprised of all the latest goings-on at Pitti Uomo 82.  And I ask for your forgiveness in advance if I am entirely too overwhelmed to create a critical mass of consistent content next week.  Finally, to those of you who have put up with my petulance and self-aggrandizing over the last year, thank you.  Continue to say your prayers and eat your vitamins, and I promise you NTB has something up his sleeve for y’all.

    - NTB

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