1. In fact, what are you opinions on all these self proclaimed #menswear illuminati dudes? Nico, Noah, CBenjamin, HTTGAP, etc?

    I’m friends with the four aforementioned “#menswear illuminati dudes” because we all know what it’s like for people to be jealous of us.  

  2. Any experience with Hugh & Crye or any reccomendations on well fitting dress shirts? Sincerely, A bro in need.

    I do not have any experiences with Hugh and Crye, but the homie CB seems to think very highly of them.  That being said, for OTR and OTR-alternatives (read: online “MTM” purveyors), I still think you’ll be hard pressed to find a better value than Guy Rover at Yoox.

  3. NTB, I'm short, and I mean sub average height (< 5'4"). With this, I have reconciled the fact that I might never fit into OTR items from my favourite brands. That aside, this doesn't mean that I accept dressing like shit, instead I want to look at certain brands/clothes for the materials and construction. I sort of have an idea so far of different terms to looks for "100% wool or cotton" (none of this poly blend), super 110's,etc. What else should I be looking for? Thanks a lot man.

    I thought you were Scott Schuman until you said “this doesn’t mean that I accept dressing like shit…”  Jokes!

    Jokes aside, this question simply cannot be answered outside taking a survey course on fabrics at FIT.  The best advice I can offer you is to troll around the blogs and Style Forum—such an education wouldn’t even cost you $1.50 in late fees you would have otherwise been charged at the library.

    Edit: Via CBenjaminReal talk, short dude should hit the boys section of Barneys/Bloomies/Neimans/etc. High end boys shit is of comparable quality to the men’s stuff and will be cheaper.

  4. I've been interested in a mid-grey donegal blazer. Do you have any suggestions for an entry level option (sub $300)?

    Donegal at sub-$300?  That’s a tall order, homie—CBenjamin seems to have a real good grasp on things of that nature.  

    But if you want my opinion, I think your best bet is to wait for A.P.C.’s 30-50% off in November and cop that good good.  Not sure if A.P.C. actually uses Magee of Donegal for their tweeds, but this shit is handsome as fuck.  Oh, and A.P.C. has been vanity sizing real hard lately, so make sure you size down when the time comes to make the purchase—it would suck to keep your eye on a medium for like a month, click “submit” and wait 5-7 business days only to find out that the blazer doesn’t fit and that A.P.C. is all out of smalls.