1. In fact, what are you opinions on all these self proclaimed #menswear illuminati dudes? Nico, Noah, CBenjamin, HTTGAP, etc?

    I’m friends with the four aforementioned “#menswear illuminati dudes” because we all know what it’s like for people to be jealous of us.  

  2. I see you recommended Saphir Renovateur. Now during my regular shoe cleaning process should I use Renovateur only or should I look for a shoe cream as well? Does Renvoatuer work as both? Can you recommend the brushes & other items I will need for cleaning my shoes/boots? Thanks!

    Saphir’s Renovateur acts as both a cleaner/conditioner and a polish.  If you are polishing cordovan, I suggest you stop here.  However, outside of cordovan, I would check out Saphir’s cream line (wax is just too ’80s Wall Street shiny).  Also, with respect to brushes and other accessories, Kirby Allison’s starter kit will give you a good idea as to what you need.  Keep in mind, though, that Kirby is trying to make a buck, so much of what they are suggesting is probably overkill.

    As per technique and anything more specific than that which I have discussed above, I defer to Nico and Ethan, seeing that they know well more than I do about shoe care.