1. In fact, what are you opinions on all these self proclaimed #menswear illuminati dudes? Nico, Noah, CBenjamin, HTTGAP, etc?

    I’m friends with the four aforementioned “#menswear illuminati dudes” because we all know what it’s like for people to be jealous of us.  

  2. Ryan Reynold's shoes really got me thinking...what's your opinion on Noah's new New Balances? I think they're damningly hideous. New Balances in general. The ability to customize doesn't not make them any more attractive.

    The Blogger spilled about 36 ounces of domestic beer on my cordovans Saturday night, so I refuse to acknowledge his existence until I receive a hand-written, wax sealed apology.  But yeah, you’re right about New Balance—I think I’d rather rock a pair of Skechers Shape Ups than those bad boys.

  3. What do you think of Noah Emrich?

    Incredibly, I received three questions about Noah in one week.  I had my suspicions that Noah was asking the questions, just being a creep.  But in the off chance that he himself was not asking those questions, I will address my thoughts on Mr. Emrich here.

    Simply put, as far as teenagers go, Noah is light years ahead of his peers.  And this is obvious.  I mean, how many teenagers do you know that are sent on an all-expenses paid trip to NYFW by an $800 million social media giant?  

    So while I may not agree with all of his sartorial decisions (but, let’s be real, can you agree with 100% of anyone’s style?), the kid is gonna be just fine.  Hell, I made it out alright, and when I was his age I was getting kicked out of bars decked out in FCUK tees and Reebok Classics.