1. On Merchandising and the Importance of Image Cultivation

    Remember when Richard Alpert visited John Locke, handed him six items and then asked “which already belongs to you”?  Yeah, well that has very little to do with the above image, but that shit gave me goose bumps.  What that image reminds me of, however, are those obnoxious "which one of the following three items doesn’t belong" tests administered by kindergarten teachers across the world.

    I mean, seriously?  Isaia, Balmain and…7 FOR ALL MANKIND…?!  Scanning this sale page is like taking a bad bitch home, pretty as fuck (Isaia), taking off her top to unveil an amazing set of hooters (Balmain), only to get down below and find out she has ass pimples or some other whack shit going on down there (you get the idea).

    Sorry, I just had to do it.  Long live NTB and all that jazz.

  2. Do you ever just think clothes are a load of shit. I mean why do people care and waste so much money. Clothes that feel and look good are great I know. But sometimes there's just more worthy things to buy.

    Never once have I thought that “clothes are a load of shit.”  I take great pride in the way I present myself, and I believe that all should endeavor to do the same.  I mean, if destitute Americans waiting on breadlines during the Great Depression can look presentable, the 21st century middle class really has no excuse.

    Sure, one can look at building one’s own wardrobe as a constant weighing of priorities.  But isn’t that the case for every other luxury made available by capitalism?  Further to that point, I have never advised anyone to choose a Balmain sportcoat over two months’ rent.  If you find yourself in a position to drop stacks like that, and that’s what you want to do, then by all means: be my guest.  But if you find yourself patiently waiting for the first of the month to pick up some government cheese, well, you know what to do (call Cam and move to Ohio).