1. Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself…


    If living is truly the process of dying, then it must have been entirely clear from the get-go that Nice Try, Bro would eventually die, or at the very least evolve into something else (shouts to all the Hindus out there).  As many of you already know, I have been laboriously working on putting together a new business venture over the greater part of last year.  That being said, if any of y’all paid attention to your third grade English teachers and mastered your context clues, it should be readily apparent that I am writing this to announce the birth of that very venture.  So, without further ado, please welcome Carson Street Clothiers into your lives.

    Carson Street Clothiers will open spring 2013 at 63 Crosby Street (just below the southern corner of Spring Street) in SoHo.  The space will be 2000+ square feet of pure menswear goodness, and it’s Internet counterpart will feature a full-blown, dope as dope sauce e-shop.  We’ll dabble in the editorial world, too.

    As a third party multi-brand retailer, CSC intends to plug the gap that currently exists between classic menswear tailoring and streetwear.  Around 20% of CSC’s product will be its own private label which will include shirting, trousers, ties, squares and blazers.  We will also be offering made-to-measure suiting and provide in-house tailoring.  Yada yada yada #menswear.

    Nice Try, Bro will continue to live on in some respect, but as what…that much I haven’t yet figured out.  In the meantime, public apologies to the families of those caught up in my shit: it was never my intention to go hard on NTB maliciously.  I hope you realized that, in many ways, the blog was self-defacating in nature, and that a good part of it was educational, too.

    Until we open, please follow our progress on:

    It will be like #menswear reality TV but on the Internet.  I hope your head didn’t explode.

    Best regards,