1. I copped a CdG four button blazer at a thrift store for like $9. I can't find anything like it online, is there a chance it's fake? I never wear black blazers, what would be a good price to ebay it at?

  2. Hello, Kind Sir. My work/lifestyle requires me to dress fairly casually, but not sloppy. I'm looking for some "nicer" sneakers. I like the looks of the Generic Surplus wingtips in Black or Ginger. Thoughts? Or can you recommend something sub $150? I don't have money to buy Lanvin or Common Projects. Cheers!

    Stay away from those wingtip sneakers or any other weird mashup that aims to make skaters feel more like adults.  You mentioned Generic Surplus.  I was a big fan of their Comme des Garcons collaboration, but it doesn’t look like they’ll be working together again any time soon.  In any event, the Work Boot, which is not much of a boot at all, is a pretty damn good value at $85.  Good luck.  

  3. Sup bruh. I was looking into getting a new wallet. Opinion on the Comme des Garcons SA 6400? Black or brown?

    CdG SA 6400 is dope sauce, for real.  If your wardrobe has a developed color palette, I’d suggest you go for the brown.  Cop the black only if your place of employ abides by that “business formal” dress code or if you are on that operation #jediwear steez.

  4. I realized today that I didn't like any of the clothes I own and decided to restart my wardrobe. Having a "style" is difficult, I feel somewhat lost. I do have in mind the type of clothes though. I was wondering what you think of the clothes from Norse Projects. Any tips you can give or recommendations? Sorry if it's a little too wordy.

    Love me some Norse Projects.  If that’s the direction toward which you end up gravitating, check out Comme des Garcons, Adam Kimmel, Nigel Cabourn, SNS Herning, Seize sur Vingt, Dries Van Noten and Patrik Ervell—I feel like that’s a pretty comprehensive list of designers with similar influences.  On second look, sit can get pricey for you.  Hit me up on Twitter if you have an specific questions.

  5. Any recommendation for wallets? I've been considering a Comme des Garcons wallet for a while, but it's a bit pricey at $200. Should I spend the money?

    I’ve always been a huge fan of CdG, and I also champion that every man should have a beautiful, slim wallet.  After all, no one should ever want to look like Mr. Costanza, right?

    If you’re going CdG, why not the SA 1000?  Tres Bien Shop is offering it for a cool $74 with free international shipping.  #walkwithme.