1. How do you feel about thrift stores?

    I don’t thrift, and not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I just have a problem with not knowing the origin of something that is touching my skin.  That being said, I do stop by INA about once a month to see if someone traded in some grail status shit (limited, of course, to ties, jackets, coats and blazers) before he offed himself, moved to Africa to join the peace corps or decided to join the disaster relief efforts in Haiti.  As of today, I own exactly one item from INA, and that is a vintage YSL 3/2 roll donegal blazer.  

  2. Hey bro, your blog really makes my think about the way I'm dressed. And I wonder what you say about the schott perfecto leather jacket. I thought about buying one, but then I saw some morons with the jackets.

    At $480, the Perfecto is extremely reasonable which explains why every poser and his mother owns it.  To be perfectly honest, outside of the Perfecto, you’re going to encounter much difficulty trying to find a quality bad boy style moto leather jacket south of $800.  The only options that come to mind are copping the Belstaff H Racer or stumbling upon some vintage-grail-shit-hiding-in-a-consignment-shop piece.  Good luck.