1. On the pic that hblumer sent, although their is a definite sense of douchebaggery, I'm failing to see anything TOO wrong with their personal styles. I really like the fading on the raw denim on the far left guy. I'm only asking this to be enlightened.

    You’re really going to make me rehash looking at that shit?  FINE, from left to right:

    • Wearing a bow tie with a leather jacket is the equivalent of saying that a rose is one tough flower because it has thorns.  Get real.  And his shoes really can’t be called boots at all—they look more like basketball sneakers than boots.  Gross.
    • Homie in the middle needs to never buy burnished-toe anything, ever again.  Though I hate super super wide lapels, his lapels are practically non-existent—looks like a Japanese business man’s suit jacket lapel width from the ’90s.  And the velveteen burgundy reminds me of George Costanza.  Sorry, brah.
    • Looks like he just got off moonlighting as a party motivator for a bar mitzvah—there’s really no other excuse for those pathetic shades.  And black on black shirt-tie combo (shirt untucked) makes him look like Billie Joe Armstrong at an awards show—never a good thing.  Finally, his KNOTS obviously fit.  WOOF.