1. How do you feel about thrift stores?

    I don’t thrift, and not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I just have a problem with not knowing the origin of something that is touching my skin.  That being said, I do stop by INA about once a month to see if someone traded in some grail status shit (limited, of course, to ties, jackets, coats and blazers) before he offed himself, moved to Africa to join the peace corps or decided to join the disaster relief efforts in Haiti.  As of today, I own exactly one item from INA, and that is a vintage YSL 3/2 roll donegal blazer.  

  2. I'm a big fan of your blog. I'm a fan of manswear, and although my style may not be to the point of perfection, I'm hoping to get it there one day. The problem is, I'm a college student and don't have much money. Do you know any places where clothes aren't very expensive like most popular manswear websites and whatnot? I'm just looking for some stylish affordable clothing that won't put a hole in my bank account.

    Put This On recently did a series on thrifting.  This is a good place to start—you never know what kind of gems you can find.  Ebay is also a hotbed for for scoring some used gear (as well as unsold, end of season items from retailers looking to recoup some costs).

    If you are looking for bargain prices for luxury brands, Yoox is the way to go.  If you told me you knew of a site that offered Lardini wool cashmere blend blazers for $249 before I found out about Yoox, I’d tell you about a guy in Brooklyn I know who has a bridge for sale.  You should also be trolling menswear blogs for news as to when sample sales and clearances are scheduled to hit (e.g., Barneys’ upcoming warehouse sale).  

    Stay fresh youngin.

    EDIT: via djzachattack

    To the college kid looking for cheap stuff, Rugby has pretty good quality products for someone wanting to start building up their wardrobe. They legitimately are always having a sale on stuff, and if you want something at full price, they offer a 15% student discount. J. Crew also has a student discount which is useful. And obviously signing up for Gilt is always a good idea.