1. Tres Bien Shop Visits Undercover and Uncovers Ugliest, Most Gauche Shoe Ever Made

    Taking into consideration that the text is nonsensically staring its wearer directly in the face, I believe a more apt caption would be “Fuck Your Judgment” on the left and “Fuck Your Face” on the right, thus ensuring such wearer is reminded every time he laces these dogs up that he made a huge mistake.  

  2. i am searching on the internet for some nice Boots for autumn. Unfortunately I have some problems with finding the internet shops. Can you recommend me some online stores where I might find something like grenson high boots?

    This list is by no means meant to be exhaustive, but it should be a good starting point because each of them carry Grenson.  And I encourage readers to submit any shops I may have missed.  One last point: if your current price point is Grenson, which runs about $350-450, and you’re into the heavy English brogueing (obviously), why not check out Tricker’s as well?  #notsayinjussayin  

  3. Any recommendation for wallets? I've been considering a Comme des Garcons wallet for a while, but it's a bit pricey at $200. Should I spend the money?

    I’ve always been a huge fan of CdG, and I also champion that every man should have a beautiful, slim wallet.  After all, no one should ever want to look like Mr. Costanza, right?

    If you’re going CdG, why not the SA 1000?  Tres Bien Shop is offering it for a cool $74 with free international shipping.  #walkwithme.