1. Being in a wheelchair it's hard to find clothes that fit. Particularly pants as when you sit down pants hike up. This is compounded by the fact that I'm 6'6" & sz14/15 feet. I have some nice Paul & Shark shirts & sweaters, Ralph Lauren etc. Basically conservative but classy. What should I get for pants? What about footwear? I like Alden's.

    Not that I’m not sympathetic to you being in a wheelchair, I’m just confused as to why you would be in a different situation than anyone else with respect to pants hiking.  If your condition is permanent, I guess the solution would be to take less off the hem and wear longer pants, particularly if you are incapable of standing and spend your entire time in public sitting down.  If this is only temporary, suck it up and try not to do anything too drastic with respect to your leg game.

    Good luck, my man.  And just promise me you’ll never pull some bonehead shit like this jerk store.