1. Don't know if you've got any ladies in your life who currently pass the door test, but if you do/did what gift would you like to receive? Make it interesting with a money is no object gift and a more reasonable gift.

    If homegirl can’t afford my svpply.com SS ‘12 Grail Kit pictured above, bitch better be gettin’ me a year’s supply of Gummy Bears.  There’s nothing unreasonable about any of this.

  2. Do you ever shop at Woodbury Commons Outlet? If so, any places you would recommend I stop by?

    I hit Woodbury twice a year—it may not have all the lastest fashunz, and while it’s usually hit (walk-off grandslam) or miss (strike out with runners on and two outs down by one in game seven of the world series), it’s definitely worth the trip.  In no particular order, check out these spots:

    • Barney’s
    • Cucinelli
    • Brioni
    • YSL
    • Dior
    • Moncler
    • Zegna
    • Etro
    • Bally
    • Tod’s
    • Ferragamo
    • Cavalli

    And always, always, always do the right thing by picking up your lady something from La Perla and DVH.

    PS - Oh, and Cinnabon FTW.

  3. How do you feel about thrift stores?

    I don’t thrift, and not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I just have a problem with not knowing the origin of something that is touching my skin.  That being said, I do stop by INA about once a month to see if someone traded in some grail status shit (limited, of course, to ties, jackets, coats and blazers) before he offed himself, moved to Africa to join the peace corps or decided to join the disaster relief efforts in Haiti.  As of today, I own exactly one item from INA, and that is a vintage YSL 3/2 roll donegal blazer.